Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Oh, Hello

Oh hi, I didn't see you there. Welcome to my new blog. Thanks for coming by.

So, what to expect from this blog? I guess it is mostly aviation based. I don't work in the industry, and I can't say I really want to work on the airline side of things anyhow. That said, I am a bit of an AvGeek. I will talk a bit about everything around my flying. I will write some trip reports, review airports, I will probably do some airport guides, so you know what to expect. I also will tell some stories about past flights. Most will involve hockey, something I am pretty passionate about (and the reason for about 1/3 of my flights).

I figure I spend enough time in the sky and at airports I should probably do something kinda interesting with it...

I'll try to take some pics, and not be too boring.


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