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Quebec, Quebec! - May 2009

I think that one of the most beautiful cities in the world is Quebec City. I had been there as a teenager as part of a class trip, and enjoyed the educational side of the city. My wife had been there as a teenager as well. In March 2009 I spent a few days in Stockholm, and as I was walking around Gamla Stan - the old city - it struck me that Quebec was very similar in feel. Since I didn't exactly have the dough to take my wife to Sweden, I could certainly take her to Quebec City.

Flight AC8912 YYZ-YQB (Operated by Jazz)
May 09 2009
Plane - CRJ-200 (didn't record the registration)
Distance 454 miles
Seats - don't remember, in the middle...

We kind of felt bad when we left our home. My sister surprised us with a visit, after we had already booked tickets. She was fine to explore T.O. on her own, so of to Pearson we went. As we chilled in the lower level gates - usually only props down there, but our RJ was down there - the skys turned very dark. The winds picked up speed. It was very ominous, and then the lightning and hail started. It was a spectacular storm, which, of course, delayed flights. Anyhow, we were only about 30 minutes behind schedule when we loaded. We expected a bouncy flight, and when the FA was introducing herself, we also expected no service... After the first 20 minutes, the air smoothed right out, and we had a nice cup of coffee!

Public transport is pretty much non-existant at YQB, so we took a cab into the city centre. We dropped off our bags at our little hotel inside the city walls. The weather was pretty chilly, especially compared to the weather we had been having. We had a great day exploring the city within the walls, and had two Quebecois staples to eat - poutine at Chez Ashton and a nice quarter chicket at St-Hubert. The next day didn't have much nicer weather. We took in some more of the waterfront, and in the afternoon took the city bus out to the Aquarium. I enjoy an aquarium, and we timed it well to see the walrus being fed. The seals were active and having fun, and it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. I tried to call a taxi afterwards, but since we in St-Foy the cab company I tried wouldn't come out that far. Not knowing any other cab numbers (I only put one in my phone from one stopped at a red light...), we walked about a kilometre along the train tracks to the Via Rail station in St-Foy, and were able to get a taxi from there. We ate at a restaurant near the airport and then made our way to the airport proper.

Flight AC8925 YQB-YYZ (Operated by Jazz)
Plane - CRJ-200 (didn't record the registration)
Distance - 454 miles
Seats - 1 D&F

I quite like Jean Lesage Airport. Security was a breeze, and I loved all of the windows. I found a comfortable chair overlooking the ramp where I could watch all of the runway activity. Everything was running on time, and our flight was no exception. We had the front row. Being quite a bit heavier then then I am now, I didn't really care for row one, as the improved leg room was cancelled out by the lack of hip space... Anyhow, I don't remember much about the flight, so I guess that is a ringing endorsement!

We had a terrific couple of days in Quebec City. I love the Province of Quebec, and whilst my wife does not speak any french she enjoys being there as well. YQB is a terrific airport, which could use some better public transit connections, but is otherwise perfect.

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